My Weekly Workout Routine

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My workout schedule changes pretty frequently because I try to revamp my routine every couple months or so. Or because I get lazy and don’t end up following my schedule.

There are no rest days in my routine because there are days when I don’t feel like going to the gym or it’s that time of the month and I get cramps. So I’d rather aim to be active every day and then I won’t kick myself if I happen to take a rest day when I want to.

  • Monday: Abs
  • Tuesday: Yoga (and abs if I don’t do them the day before)
  • Wednesday: Arms
  • Thursday: Back
  • Friday: The Trip (Cycling)
  • Saturday: Bodypump
  • Sunday: Legs and glutes

More often than not, I don’t end up doing abs on Monday or I get lazy on one of the weekend days – and that becomes my rest day! I could probably have a better schedule but this is what works for me and each person is different. I don’t have a chest day because I work out my pectoral muscles at Bodypump.


So what is Bodypump?


It’s a Les Mills workout specifically at 24 Hour Fitness gyms. It’s a 1-hour, full body workout that I try to do at least once a week, and I discovered this after reading its description about using light weights and high reps on the My24 phone app. I decided to give it a try and ended up loving it! Each muscle group has a specific song and the instructors are amazing at motivating you and also correcting your form. It’s actually in these Bodypump classes where I was able to correct a lot of my form and focus on that rather than the amount I’m lifting. If you have a 24 Hour Fitness gym membership, I suggest you give this class a shot and don’t be embarrassed to lower your weights!


And what is The Trip?


It’s another Les Mills workout at special 24 Hour Fitness gyms, using a huge interactive screen to play realistic graphics and scenes to cycle in. It’s definitely an interesting workout since the music is specific to each tape and it reminds of me playing Crash Bandicoot. The “worlds” are very similar and while it’s definitely unrealistic to an extent, it can really feel like you’re going uphill when your instructor has you crank up the resistance on your bike while the screen in front of you shows an uphill mountain road. I don’t think I’m explaining this very well but if your 24 Hour Fitness has The Trip, SIGN UP FOR A CLASS!! It’s super fun and each new release gets better and better! Here’s a poorly captured picture of it below to give you an idea:

The Trip


I try to work out in the mornings because I feel a lot better that I got that calorie burn out of the way. I feel more energized and ready to start my day. A couple years ago, I was working out at night before bed, and before that, I was doing afternoon sessions. Now, I love working out in the mornings and then taking a nice shower afterwards as a reward.

My favorite muscle group for weight lifting days is definitely the back. I started training my back in February 2017 and I think I’ve come a pretty long way. This picture below shows 3 photos in kind of random increments: April 2017, May 2017, February 2018. Also due to lighting issues, there might be more muscle definition in an earlier picture but whatever. If you don’t look too closely, you can see progress! I have yet to take another picture of my back, so fingers crossed that I’ve only gotten toner.

back progress

Oh, and I try to go on hikes 1-2x a month with Maddie. And sometimes I go roadbiking with Erik when the opportunity arises and I burn a ton of calories there. As always, thanks for reading!

xx Sam

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