I Lost My Job – Now What?

This is a pretty bleak topic for my first ever blog post. I initially wrote out a draft and I’m getting rid of half of it because of how negative it sounded. That’s not how I want to introduce my new blog and lay the foundation for what’s to come and how I want to portray my voice. To summarize the series of events, I got laid off yesterday unexpectedly and I was thrown into a spiral of thoughts of why me, how come, and who. No chance to tie up loose ends, no chance to say goodbye, no chance for closure.

I got home early yesterday, much to Maddie’s excitement! She was just as happy to see me as usual, and I so appreciate her unconditional love. To be honest, I was worried about what people would think, especially those whose opinion I cared about. Erik came over later for comforts and reassured me that those friends will not think negatively of me and I shouldn’t worry about what they think they don’t know. They will know me for me. Everyone with whom I shared this news has shown so much support and I appreciate everyone’s kind thoughts and prayers. Just one week prior, my grandpa in Taiwan passed away. As my old boss and mentor said, “When it rains, it pours.”

So now what? 

Right now as I’m writing this, it still feels like a nightmare and I have yet to wake up and go to work on Monday. But, things are already looking brighter! After a couple days of a lot of thought, I’ve decided to accept the job offer and I start work again in 2 weeks. I plan on staying in LA for a couple more days and then go back to my hometown to keep my dad company while my mom is in Taiwan. Also, I finally have time and the inspiration to start a passion project – this lifestyle blog! Life is still going on and this was the catalyst to push me to start on something I care about and have been wanting to try for a few years now.

Thank you OpenMail for taking me under your wing 2 years ago and for the opportunity to begin my career as an in-house recruiter. Good luck System1 in your business. (And good luck retaining the rest of your employees.)

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