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My Favorite Sports Bras

I’ve been working out for quite awhile. I’ve gone through a lot of sports bras in my time from really cheap to really good quality. I used to think that getting my sports bras in the sale section at Forever 21 was a great idea – at least until I started investing in high quality bras that have been game changers. One quick thing to note is that I prefer my bras a bit looser rather than the suffocating feeling so I tend to size up a bit. I’m a 32D (I prefer 34B) and am usually a Medium or size 6-8 in sports bras. So here they are!


I only have 2 sports bras from Lululemon, and I got both from the sale section, which was lucky for me! They’re the same style, just different design and I wear these in size 8. I like the strappy design on the back, though they do flip over sometimes. I’ve had these for about a year or more and they’ve withstood countless machine washes pretty well.


Vuori Clothing is a more recent discovery after I’ve been eyeing a piece worn by an influencer I follow. This influencer wears these during the live workouts she hosts so I know for sure that she isn’t just being sponsored by Vuori – she actually likes them! I’d consider myself between sizes S/M but I chose to size up to M for a more comfier fit. The bottom two bras (oregano daily bra and grey rhythm bra) have a scooped back so they look weird with your usual racerback tanks. The dusk Yosemite bra has a really cute strappy design on the back.

The quality of these bras are amazing, up to par with most of Lululemon’s goods, but slightly cheaper. Their website is constantly updating with products and sizes that are available, and they also take down items that are out of stock, so apologies if my hyperlinks aren’t working!


Athleta’s one of Lululemon’s competitors, so pricing and quality are pretty comparable. I recently got this Conscious Crop in Powervita D-DD to wear something that covers a bit more torso, with just a bit of skin peeking. I’m only wearing this for my indoor workouts but I’d like to be confident enough to rock this with leggings out in public. The fabric is buttery smooth and this top comes in sizes for A-C cup as well. I chose to get the D-DD because it fit better for me in a size Small. The white does get dirty easily, so I’ll likely return for a different color.

And there you have it!

These are the main brands I’ve been sporting the last couple months, though I still have a bra or two from Nike, Victoria Secret, and F21 that I wear from time to time. What are you some of your favorite sports bras? I’d love to learn more!

xx Sam

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