Everything I Carry In My Le Gianni Bag From Léo et Violette

Léo et Violette is a mid-range luxury French brand with timeless designs. I was in the market for something within the $500 price range to use as a daily bag. I found this brand after asking Reddit for some recommendations, and here’s my short review of Le Gianni after carrying it around every day for over a month.

I typically only wear crossbodies because straps always slip off my shoulders. I wish this bag had a small top handle, but we can’t have everything! When I first unpackaged the bag, which did not come with a box and was nestled in a thick paper bag, my immediate thought was, “Oh no, this is too small…” There was Le Gianni Mini, so I thought I’d been shipped the wrong bag. But after measuring, this was indeed the regular sized Le Gianni.

Le Gianni does NOT fill all my essentials. I can’t carry my sunglasses or hand lotion, but it does do about 90% of the job.

These are the items I carry with me on the daily:

Touchland hand sanitizer
Car keys / house keys
YSL card wallet
Coin pouch
Eye drops

Birth control pill pack
Hand mirror
Oil blotting sheets
Boba strap
Sun screen

Fenty lip stain
Burt’s bees lip balm
Hair scrunchie
iPhone 15 Plus

Because the bag is deeper, I can put items vertically and next to each other, and my phone on top of the hand sanitizer. Le Gianni came with a lot more inner pockets than I thought, which came in handy to store all the flat items.

  1. Front slot compartment: Birth control pill pack and oil blotting sheets.
  2. Main compartment: Pen at the bottom, lip products on each side, wallet and coin purse sitting vertically next to each other, sunscreen positioned upright, hand sanitizer lying on its side, hair scrunchie shoved at the bottom, and finally my phone resting snugly on top of the hand sanitizer for easy access.
  3. Inner pocket: Boba strap, eye drops, and car fob. Comes with a snap closure that I’m not using.
  4. Back slot compartment: Hand mirror.
  5. Outer back slot compartment: Currently nothing here, but it can come in handy with a transit card because of the extra magnetic closure and access without opening the bag.

So…it all fits! The flap can still easily fold over and the hardware can close properly. Overall it doesn’t feel that heavy even with everything in it.


  • Works well for a daily bag.
  • Leather is high quality.
  • Good amount of structure.
  • Strap is wide enough to be comfortable but narrow enough to look more dainty.
  • If I leave the bag unlocked and lying on its side in my car, nothing will fly out of it.
  • Lots of slot compartments but they’re narrow. I would have preferred a larger main compartment.


  • Does not fit EVERYTHING I’d like to carry: sunscreen and hand lotion.
  • The adjustable strap is connected by a knob on each side that slips through one of the holes, which means it’s not flexible compared to straps that use clasps. The base of the straps bend outward pretty awkwardly.
  • I’ve heard negative things about hardware quality but no issues for me so far and I’ve been careful.
  • No feet 🙁

xx Sam

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