How To Delete Unwanted Instagram Followers (Without Being Detected!)

You have a public Instagram account and can’t control who follows you. You get a notification and realize with dread that someone you don’t want to follow you, has clicked on that button. I mean, s/he could see your profile anytime, but now your posts appear on his/her feed. Do you have followers that you don’t want but can’t block because it’s too obvious? There’s a simple fix to remove followers without their realizing!

I accidentally stumbled upon this method and it’s a really very simple 2 step process:

  1. Block follower
  2. Unblock follower

And you’re done!


Step-by-step process:


I used Erik’s Instagram account as an example and he was kind enough to follow me back afterwards <3

First, go to an unwanted follower’s account, and click on the … in the top right corner. Now this next pops up appears and you hit the first item “Block.” Then, your screen will prompt you to confirm that you want to block, so hit “Block.” Yay! You’ve successfully blocked someone and this person should not be able to find you in the search bar. But that’s not what we want. So hit “Dismiss.” To unblock, notice that the blue bar next to the user’s picture now says “Unblock?” Hit that, in which the screen will let you know that this person is now unblocked. Hit “Dismiss” again, and now to check if he’s still following you. Go to his “following” and type in your username – you won’t be found. And there you have it!


This automatically removes them as your followers and if your account is public like mine is ( then it’s an easy way to deal with unwanted followers without the potential of ensuing drama. Of course, this doesn’t actually prevent them from following you again. BUT, if they’re the type of people who only scroll through their feed, you won’t show up. Unfortunately there is no way to prevent them from seeing your public profile without blocking them and that can get pretty obvious if you’re unsearchable for them. So if you want to go through this small hassle to remove a follower, now you know how!

xx Sam

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