How I Maintain My Wavy Permed Hair

Don’t be fooled. I don’t use any special hair products, curling irons, nothing. I don’t even brush my hair really. So how is my hair always wavy?

Well, I like to live that simple life. I don’t think I can spend more than 10 minutes trying to curl my hair and then use hairspray and all that prep stuff. I literally roll out of bed and I’m good to go! I have naturally straight hair and hated how it looked since I have a round/square-ish face and my hair always hung straight down and had no volume. So I every 1.5 – 2 years I go to see Soo to get my hair permed, and I’ve been going to her salon since 2013. She does a quick and painless job with haircuts and perms and keeps up with the latest technology. Plus, since I’m a loyal customer, I get charged the same price each time (a huge steal btw!)

Sometimes, perms don’t work for everyone. That’s a factor to consider if you’re thinking about trying out a perm. My hair is very fine but I have a lot of it, so it gives off the impression that I have thick hair. I also get split ends very easily, much to my annoyance, and I’ve never figured out how to prevent that seeing as I don’t use any heat products except to blow dry my scalp at medium heat on hair washing days.

My routine goes like this:

  • I typically wash my hair in the mornings to give it time to dry properly in curls, though I still shower at night because overall cleanliness.
  • After shampoo and conditioner, I towel dry best as I can and blow dry my scalp on medium heat.
  • Then I wrap my hair into a bun for a couple hours. Every half hour to an hour or so, I’d undo the bun, ruffle my hair a bit and let it air dry some more, then back in a bun it goes! This helps develop the curls that I get so many compliments on!
  • Eventually, my hair will fall in curls or waves that lasts basically until the next wash cycle (every other day).

What I started doing about a year ago was instead of washing every other day, I washed my entire head every 4 days. Before you dismiss me for being nasty, hear me out. Let’s say on Day 1, I wash my hair. Day 2 passes with no incidents. Now on Day 3, I tie up my hair in a loose bun and wrap the bun tightly in a shower cap tied together with hair ties. Then I’d hold up that bundle with one hand as I use my other hand to soap, lather my scalp, and rinse. Then I’d towel and blow dry my scalp. This cuts down the drying time in half, and the ends of my hair is only exposed to water once every 4 days. Day 4 passes uneventfully and my hair is pretty much good to go (and is still wavy) until Day 5 (or cycle it back to Day 1).

To be honest, I haven’t found a decrease in split ends because I just have so many. But this method has definitely made my life easier in terms of my hair ritual and I get to maintain my perm for almost 2 years! Most perms are meant to last 6 months, just saying, so I think I’ve done pretty good 🙂

xx Sam

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