Microblading 6-Month Update

I got my brows microbladed about 6 months ago and just wanted to post a quick update on what they look like now.

The pigment that was used to shade my brows actually promoted hair growth so where I was lacking eyebrow hair at the ends, they’re actually now filled with strands of them!

Here’s a couple before pictures (the bottom one is when my brow makeup melted from my sweat so you can see how the ends are like non-existent):

And some current pictures:

They’re not perfectly symmetrical, but your face never is so it’s actually more natural-looking! I still continue to tweeze stray stands as they come up and maybe fill my brows in lightly if I want them to be darker. Otherwise, I just love waking up and not worrying about being seen without brows anymore. ????

xx Sam

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