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I have something of an advantage when it comes to job hunting, being a recruiter. It can also be perceived as a disadvantage but just trying to be positive here! As a recruiter, I care a lot about the candidate experience and try to be more empathetic to those looking for new opportunities. I’m also more aware of things NOT to do or things TO do because of my background in recruiting.

I got laid off 2 weeks ago and have been actively job hunting since day 1. I was honing in on 2 potential offers, only to be rejected by both companies and losing almost the rest of my leads. It’s back to square one, and likely it will not be until after the holidays that I’ll be able to secure something. I did put together this list of tips for job hunting because I want people to succeed in whatever job hunt they’re doing.

Apply to all positions within 1-2 days

This is most applicable if you are unemployed (like me) or have a lot of time on your hands. It will make things easier for you to front-load applications so that you are in sync with the interview processes across the board. You are less likely to come across a situation where you have an offer in one hand, but are still actively interviewing with other companies, and you have to play your cards right. Apply to many positions at once, and that increases your chances of staying on the same timeline.

Ping the hiring manager

Do this if you haven’t heard back for a few days after applying. I was able to target several people on LinkedIn who I thought was the hiring manager, and that has led to phone calls and therefore, new leads. This does help you stand out and some (though not all) hiring managers appreciate this level of proactiveness.

Let companies know where you’re at

If you’re in the later stages at one company, it’s fine to tell the second company about where you’re at in the interview process. Chances are, if you’re a good candidate, the second company will expedite the process on their end and try to get your interview in sooner rather than later.

And that’s it!

These are just 3 tips I’ve learned in previous job searches as well as this one so I wish everyone luck in finding that dream job 🙂

xx Sam

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  1. Hey Sam! We have met briefly during one of the CKI meetings a few years ago. I just want to say this blog post of yours is extremely helpful! Do you have any tips for resume building for someone graduated with a Biology major and has most of the work experiences in the medical field but wants to get a startup job?

    1. Cho Ki! Of course I remember you! I’m sorry it’s taking me so long to get to these comments. I’ve been using my phone more and the mobile version doesn’t access the comments as seamlessly.

      I would highlight different skills that are transferrable across all industries. An example is project management and problem solving. What type of position are you trying to get into in a startup?

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